Rise of ESports

There was a time when the very idea that you could have sports leagues surrounding those who play video games was absurd. Sure, video games have always been popular since they were first introduced. There is nothing new in that regard. But what is interesting is how we are hearing so much more about esports leagues, which was not a case in the past. And what is even better is that these are leagues that are genuinely very popular. People want to see these leagues and they truly care about the players who are competing in those leagues as well.

As you could see at esports junkie, there are quite a few games where you are seeing a serious entry into the esports territory. Most of the games that are talked about on esports junkie are the ones where you know the competitive aspect has always been present. For instance, counter strike is one of those games, where we have always known that it had an element of esports in there. It is such a competitive game with great balance, which means that you can easily show your talent if you are someone who is exceptional at the game.

esports junkie

And what is happening these days is that we have leagues where you can compete and earn a good amount of money when you are among the winners. There are other games that are getting involved in this process, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone and the most recent being Overwatch. These are games where millions of people are interested in seeing others play. In fact, there is an Overwatch League that came out in 2018, and it has been getting views that are comparative with some of the actual sports in the United States. That is very impressive, and it shows how esports are on the rise.

Sure, you are always going to get people who are a little bit skeptical. They are not going to see how anyone can care about esports and what these teams are doing. We can understand the mindset of those people. But the reality is that so many video games are a world of themselves. Even games like Rocket League, which started out as something fun that you could buy for $5, are now serious esports games. The combination for all these esports games seems to be something that is very enjoyable and popular, but also has a very good competitive balance.