Well And Truly Go With Your Gut And Enjoy A Gluten Free Beer

Instinctively or by your conscience, you know you have to. There are physical manifestations that tell you that it is well and truly time for you to do something about your health. It is mostly the men that suffer from this human anomaly but one of the most common visible signs of poor health is the unsightly presence of the protruding belly. In other parts of the world it will be called other names, but not for nothing has a man’s extensive stomach been referred to as a beer belly. Essentially, there would be nothing wrong with enjoying an ice cold brew. But like most other foods and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, folks have had the nasty habit of over indulging on things they have grown an acute fondness for.

And as far as the men are concerned, who doesn’t enjoy a good, ice cold beer on a hot summer’s night around the barbecue or even on a chilly night when the big game is being played out on the flat screen TV. Now, folks can enjoy the things they like the most by switching to healthy alternatives. As far as beer goes, one of the best alternatives will be the occasional consumption of a gluten free beer. But don’t you worry, this is nothing compared to those tasteless alcohol free beers that you may have tried out before. Gluten free beer will still have an alcohol content. No harm is done to the body and mind just as long as the frosty is enjoyed in moderation.

Many competing breweries have bought into the healthy alternative in a big way and their regular customers who have done something positive about their health are all enjoying a ‘deliciously chilled’ craft beer of sorts. It has been challenging for the breweries and their customers to find the healthier alternative without having to sacrifice the consumption of alcohol in its entirety. It is believed that as much of a third of all Americans are on a mission to source gluten free alternatives across the board. Fortunately for them, the mission is accomplished because as things stand now there are many products on the supermarket shelves that are now gluten free. Instead of malt, hops and barley, gluten free quinoa is being used, and it is a tasty ingredient too.